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Our training and capacity building courses are geared towards companies, professionals and consultants that wish to develop hydropower projects that meet best practice, or to evaluate and report on a project’s sustainability.

These courses are also ideal for those who wish to enhance their understanding of international definitions of good and best practice in sustainable hydropower development.


Certified User Training

Develop the skills and knowledge required to become a certified user of the Hydropower Sustainability Tools.

The 3-day Certified User Training covers the Hydropower Sustainability Tools, and how they are used to assess and improve the sustainability performance of hydropower projects.

The use of the Hydropower Sustainability Tools, particularly in assessments, is a practical activity, and involves finding things out. The training programme therefore includes interactive activities where participants collaborate and dialogue to build knowledge and share experiences.

Participants also review and analyse case studies from previous assessments, and engage in practical exercises designed to build their confidence around the assessment process and solidify their knowledge of sustainability measurement and good international industry practice.

On the last day of the training, participants complete a final exam to become officially certified by IHA as Certified Users of the Hydropower Sustainability Tools.

For more information, download the training course flyer.

Accredited Assessor training

Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become an accredited assessor for the hydropower sector’s leading sustainability assessment tools.

This five-day course will cover the internationally recognised Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP), including its new criteria on climate change mitigation and resilience.

Participants will be among the first to gain accredited assessor status for the newly developed Environmental, Social and Governance Gap Analysis Tool (HESG Tool).

For more information, download the training course flyer or visit the webpage

G-res Tool training

New sustainability and environmental criteria are currently being developed for the provision of green bonds and other forms of climate finance. These criteria are increasingly requiring more detailed assessments of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including those caused by the creation of a reservoir.

This three-day interactive training course has been designed to allow individuals with a basic knowledge of geographic information systems and reservoir GHG dynamics to independently use the GHG Reservoir (G-res) Tool and accurately interpret the results.

The course includes a scientific introduction to the tool and a step-by-step tutorial on using it, as well as training on case scenarios and results analysis. When the course is finished, participants will be accredited as certified G-res Tool users.

Fore more information, download the training course flyer or visit the webpage