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We produce a range of publications on hydropower's role in the world, and new trends and developments in the sector. You can browse available publications below.

2017 IHA Board elections

The IHA Board elections, taking place between June and August 2017, will decide the international representatives that will shape and direct our work over the next two years.

2017 Key Trends in Hydropower

The International Hydropower Association gathers statistics and monitors deployment and use throughout the year. 2017 Key Trends in Hydropower reveals that 31.5 GW of new hydropower capaci

IHA brings together hydropower professionals to share ideas, discuss new developments and collaborate through its Knowledge Networks.

IHA Knowledge Networks exist on:

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Unlocking hydropower potential through power export

Hydropower, as an affordable, reliable and sustainable source of electricity, has played an important role in the growth and industrialisation of many emerging market economies such as Laos, Kenya,