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April 2014

On 7–9 April 2014, 35 specialists and scientists from around the world gathered in Knoxville, Tennessee, to begin the production of guidelines that will help companies to better understand greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from reservoirs.

Greenhouse gasesThe GHG modelling workshop was hosted by IEA-Hydro and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The guidelines will enable companies and institutions to develop consistent computer models to measure GHG fluxes.

IHA participated in the workshop. The workstream is an important part of the association's efforts to develop robust evidence on the level of greenhouse gas emissions that can be attributed to individual hydropower developments, and to promote a better understanding of the subject. High-quality models will enable issues to be identified, and help efforts to minimise emissions from future schemes.

The highly productive workshop marked a closer co-operation between IHA and IEA-Hydro. The final guidance is likely to be published in mid-2015. To find out more about our work on GHG emissions and other topics, you can download a copy of our 2014 Activity Report.

You can find out more about IEA-Hydro here.