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IHA knowledge networks

As an IHA member, you can participate in our knowledge networks.

IHa's knowledge networks bring together hydropower professionals to share ideas and experiences, discuss new developments and collaborate on a range of topics of mutual interest.


Who can join?

Knowledge networks are open to individual members and nominated representatives of corporate members.

To join, you must have a user account on Hydropower Pro, IHA's online member community.

How you benefit

The networks provide an opportunity to participate in knowledge advancement for sustainable hydropower by building and sharing solutions to common challenges. 

As a network member, you will gain access to people in the global hydropower community who face similar technical and political challenges in different regions of the world.

Collaboration activities also offer you the chance to raise your profile and advance your professional development by showcasing successful initiatives or examples of good practice to the community.

Choose a network

IHA members can join one of six knowledge networks: 

How the networks operate

Activities offered may vary between different knowledge networks. Core activities typically include:

  • the development of policy briefings, tools, guidelines and resources
  • a forum to discuss and influence regional and international policy impacting the sector
  • the dissemination of knowledge through IHA’s products, including statistics and surveys
  • the sharing of international experiences and ideas through case studies highlighting good practice
  • webinars, with opportunities to participate and learn from international experts
  • high-level and technical workshops.

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