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Agency for the Development and Promotion of Grand Inga - DRC

ADPI-RDC is the Agency for the Development and Promotion of the Grand Inga site, in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Inga site is currently undergoing refurbishment and includes the 350 MW Inga 1 and 1,424 MW Inga 2 hydroelectric projects. The DRC is also developing the 4,800 MW Inga 3 Basse Chute hydroelectric project on the Congo as a step towards development of a 42,000 MW Grand Inga hydroelectric complex.

Development tasks of ADPI include: ensuring the overall vision of the Grand Inga project; developing plans for hydroelectric production; coordinating various countries and institutions, particularly on transmission lines; and developing the Inga site and support activities. Promotional tasks include: promotion of the project to stakeholders; communication devoted to site development; promoting industrial activities or economic zones to use Inga's power; and training of staff for management of large infrastructure projects.