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Water and Land Resource Centre – Addis Ababa University


Water and Land Resource Center – Addis Ababa University (WLRC- AAU) is an autonomous institution established in 2011 as a reorganisation of the previous Soil Conservation Research Programme (SCRP), which was initiated by CDE in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in 1981.

WLRC is affiliated to Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia and Center for Development and Environment (CDE) of University of Bern. The WLRC-AAU is governed by a board of trustees constituted from five state ministers of MoANR, MoWIE, MoFED, MoST, MoEFCC and the Director of CDE, one senior scientist from AAU and chaired by the vice president for Research and Technology Promotion of AAU. The WLRC-AAU has been instrumental in generating pertinent information that helps in supporting and informing the current Sustainable Land Management (SLM) activities in the country both in highlands and pastoral areas. The core mandate of WLRC-AAU is research for development in land and water management which it delivers through four functions: i) Hydro-sedimentology and climate change research; ii) Integrated water and land resource management and ecosystem service research; iii) Resource governance and socio-economic research; and iv) Knowledge management and outreach service.

WLRC-AAU has set-ups in different parts of the country to undertake its core functions. In collaboration with regional and local institutions, it currently runs 12 observatories and six learning watersheds. These set-ups are used as knowledge generation and live learning platforms for water and land resource management.

WLRC-AAU has also huge spatial and non-spatial database of the country and has developed a web-based information sharing platform called WALRIS (Water and Land Resource Information System) to share and disseminate its database and knowledge to all stakeholders. It also developed various products and software such as the guidelines for sustainability and various other products to support stakeholders at all levels address land and water management issues sustainability.