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King & Spalding (Singapore) LLP

King & Spalding

King & Spalding, a leading international law firm that works in the global hydropower sector, advises sponsors and host governments during the development, construction, financing and/or acquisition of major hydropower projects worldwide.  

During the past four years, our lawyers have supported the implementation of 23 major hydropower projects with more than 10,000 MW of aggregate installed capacity, located in Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet Republics, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The company has a deep understanding of (i) the financing issues that project sponsors must address when developing hydropower projects that will attract senior-secured debt financing from multilateral institutions such as IFC as well as commercial banks, (ii) international and regional markets for civil works and electro-mechanical equipment supply, (iii) strategies that mitigate political, credit, hydrology and dispatch risk, arising from the construction and operation of hydropower projects generally, (iv) the mechanisms required for the export of hydropower production across international boundaries, and (v) best international practices adopted by state and national governments that wish to develop their hydropower potential.  

King & Spalding maintains a dedicated team of lawyers that works on hydropower projects worldwide from offices located in London, Singapore, Paris and Houston.