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Blog: How can we improve hydropower technologies?

To achieve growth in hydropower, innovation is needed to improve technologies, writes Simon Hamlyn, CEO of the British Hydropower Association.

Hydropower is one of the world’s leading sources for power generation and currently generates a significant percentage of our electricity worldwide. It is considered to be the most flexible and consistent renewable energy source because it has low operational and maintenance costs and on average, a scheme can last around 80 to 100 years, with very little maintenance.

Manage erosion and sediment sustainably with new hydropower guide

13 December 2019

A new IHA guide will help hydropower developers and operators manage potential impacts arising from erosion and sedimentation in a river basin, allowing decision-makers to avoid business risks and act responsibly towards the environment and local communities.

The Hydropower Erosion and Sedimentation How-to Guide provides an overview of current knowledge and effective practices from across the sector in managing risks associated with erosion and sedimentation.


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