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Sharing hydropower's benefits with local communities

Benefit sharing considers the fair and equitable distribution of the costs and benefits of a hydropower project, writes Eduard Wojczynski, consultant at Manitoba Hydro International.

Hydropower project developers and operators are enhancing the sustainability of their projects and reducing project risks by improving the livelihood and quality of life for affected people compared to their pre-project situation.

IHA Activity and Strategy Report 2018-2019


The International Hydropower Association’s Activity and Strategy Report for 2018-2019 provides an overview of our mission to advance sustainable hydropower.

The publication shares highlights from IHA's knowledge building and sustainability programmes, looking at our work to share strategies which strengthen the sector’s performance.

Power of Water Canada 2019

The Power of Water Canada trade show, organised by the Ontario Waterpower Association, brings together product and service providers specific to the hydroelectric sector in Canada.

Established in 2010, the trade show offers a range of networking activities which provide exhibitors with the opportunity to make connections and build alliances with hydroelectric professionals, indigenous communities and provincial and federal government representatives.


Date: Mon, 10/21/2019 to Wed, 10/23/2019
Location: Ontario, Canada
Type: Sector event


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