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When monitoring and mitigation reduce impacts on fish

An independent scientific study has shown that the impact of run-of-river hydroelectric projects on salmon has been minimal based on the monitoring data provided to date.

The study analysed 44 sites of Run-of-River hydro facilities in the Canadian province of British Columbia developed since the mid-1980s, but the sites assessed were largely limited to more recent developments (involving 23 of 44 sites).

Webinar: sustainable technology integration towards 100 per cent renewable energy

On Tuesday 1 July at 12.00 to 13.30 GMT, we are teaming up with our REN Alliance partners and the International Renewbable Energy Agency (IRENA) to host a webinar on renewables integration.

The webinar will explore how 100 per cent renewable energy supply is possible based on case studies demonstrating how the technologies work together, and discuss the real costs of renewable energy. 

You can sign up for the webinar here. The agenda will include:

Canada and the USA benefit from interconnections

In February 2014, Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro announced a memorandum of understanding with US power co-operative Great River Energy to jointly investigate the sale of up to 600 MW of electricity from new hydropower projects.

The MOU arrives as Canada and the USA continue to step up cross-border connectivity. Is it the start of something bigger?  David Cormie, Manitoba Hydro’s division manager for power sales and operations, writes about the deal and its implications.


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