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Video: Assessing hydropower projects against good practices in sustainability

4 January 2018

Since its launch in 2011, the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol has become the leading international tool for measuring the sustainability of hydropower projects.

It is used to assess both new projects and existing facilities according to a range of social, environmental, technical and economic criteria, and has so far been applied in more than 25 countries.

To learn more, watch our short documentary:

Blog: Brazil and Paraguay’s Itaipu dam works to combine climate and sustainability action

The world's largest hydropower plant in terms of electricity generation is producing clean energy and avoiding negative climate and environmental impacts, writes Helio Gilberto Amaral, Head of Coordination at Itaipu Binacional.

Brazil and Paraguay, developing nations and signatories of the Paris Agreement, face the challenge of promoting economic development to create income and jobs for their people, at the same time as avoiding negative climate and environment impacts of growth on their citizens.

New tool maps world’s water batteries: the clean storage solution for renewables

Interactive tool for tracking pumped storage hydropower projects launched by IHA at COP23 climate conference

9 November 2017 - More than 100 pumped storage hydropower projects totalling some 75 GW of new capacity are in the pipeline around the world, according to a new online resource launched today in Bonn, Germany.


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