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Blog | August: where is hydro being discussed in the world?
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August: where is hydro being discussed in the world?

In the first week of August 2014, the Indian hydropower sector gathered in Delhi to discuss possible pathways for the development of hydropower in the country. At the same time, hydropower was also on the agenda in Washington at the US–Africa Forum.

Hydropower networkingOn 26 August, the conversation continues in Beijing, China, where a stakeholder meeting will take place under the auspices of the National Development and Reform Commission.

This meeting is part of a series of consultations that are taking place ahead of the World Hydropower Congress, which will take place in the city next year (19-21 May).

China is one of the major players in the hydropower sector around the world, not only because of its domestic market – 281 GW of hydropower capacity is installed, and the current national objective is to double capacity by 2020 – but it is also investing in and building hydropower around the world, particularly in Asia and Africa.

The stakeholder meeting will give participants a chance to discuss the challenges faced by hydropower in China and the region, and feed into the programme of the World Hydropower Congress.

Representatives from businesses, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations and academia will participate. Also invited are partners and sponsors of the congress. (Click here to request further information).

In Stockholm, hydropower will be high on the agenda at World Water Week."

A few days later, in Stockholm, hydropower will be high on the agenda at World Water Week. The International Hydropower Association will be present to discuss progress in sustainability, as well as the role of hydropower and water storage in the development of renewable energy. World Water Week takes place from 31 August to 5 September.

Further stakeholder meetings and consultations involving IHA members are planned in the coming weeks, in particular in Brazil (São Paulo) in October 2014. Have a look at our events page for more information.