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IHA Board 2017-2019


Awadh Giri 2017

CEO, Hindustan Electric Power Limited

A.B. Giri is qualified in mechanical engineering and business management; he has over 45 years of experience in technical, general management and business leadership positions, across various industries.

His entry into hydropower was a result of his work manufacturing and marketing graphite products for the competitive global market. The technology and processes required for manufacturing graphite led him to search for sources of electricity that were stable in both price and supply.

His efforts to develop a competitive and reliable power supply led him to look at hydropower differently, resulting in a strategic integration of the financing, engineering and execution of hydropower projects. The result was three hydro power projects executed under his leadership in much shorter periods than is considered normal and with a far smaller budget. These include the 16 MW Tawa Project, 86 MW Malana-I and 303 MW Maneri Bhali-II projects, besides many others which have been developed for subsequent execution in this mode.

Mr Giri’s exposure to industrial engineering in the early years of his career enabled him to critically examine the methods and plans for construction, not only to improve productivity in constructionbut also to increasing the speed of execution, utilising the appropriate technology and methods.

His innovative approach to hydropower led the new state of Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand) in the himalyan India, to appoint him as the founder chairman of the State Government Hydropower Corporation, which involved leading hydropower development at policy and execution level.